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By Maris Mortensen

The Payson Lions took on The Golden Eagles of Maple Mountain in an intense basketball game on the night of February 9th.  Both teams came out strong, each scoring an even 7 baskets going into the 2nd quarter.  The Golden Eagles however were able to pull ahead during the 2nd quarter making the score 23-16.  Payson did manage to outscore Maple Mountain in the 2nd half scoring 39 points while Maple Mountain was only able to put up 24.  Leaving the final score 55-47 and making this the mighty Lion’s 5th region win.  

Both the Lions and the Golden Eagles had some key players in the game.  Jaden Terry of Payson was able to score 12 points and had 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals.  Dawson Beutler had a double double, scoring 13 points accompanied by 10 rebounds for Maple Mountain.  Bryce Wyberg scored a game high 20 points ultimately leading the Lions to their victory.